niki sanders (esclandre) wrote in 12monthsfuture,
niki sanders

Date: Fall 2012
Characters: Jessica Sanders, Jackie Wilcox
Summary: Weeks after their initial meeting, Jessica bumps into Jackie in New York.
Status: In Progress

Jessica exited the small New York cafe with a steaming cup of mocha latte in hand, eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a messy bun, high and loose. She really needed the coffee after the night she's had. Another sleepless night full of work keeping her up, she was worried she might be developing insomnia, if she didn't have it already. Dressed in a dark pant suit, she was free to stroll down the bustling streets of New York with complete anonymity, milling about as just another professional face in the crowd. Although, given her present position in the public eye, hers was normally a recognizable one. Not overly recognizable, but just enough that it sometimes gave her a headache, trying to make her way from place to place. Fortunately for her, the Big Apple was not Washington D.C.

She scanned the morning papers she held in her other hand as she took a sip of her beverage. Thus not looking where she was going as she rounded the next street corner, Jessica slammed into someone coming the other way. As expected, the coffee swirled over the rim of the styrofoam cup and spilled all down her front.


She couldn't help but hiss in surprise and slight pain as the hot liquid touched her bare skin.
Tags: "jessica", jackie wilcox, niki sanders, possible future #1
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