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Wanda Maximoff

Moving on

Date: Fall, 2012
Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Claire Bennet
Summary: There are things worse than death. Its not always a gun that breaks a spirit and a future.
Status: In Progress

Open to any slave or stuffy CEO in charge of New York

Stark white walls contrasted the disheveled, broken bodies lying in the halls. You could not even rightfully call the ones sitting and waiting for death people anymore. Their souls had already left, all that lay ahead was the expiring of their flimsy physical forms.

Tears rarely echoed through these corridors. Usually you would only hear the new prey cry about it anymore--and they were kept in a more secure area than this. Here, they needed no security.

The biochip implanted at the base of their skull kept them all domesticated. Any sign of resistance, and the bio-toxin...or bomb...or electric shock...or whatever sick, twisted thing they came up with for each person would devistate them.

Her own personal one was a fast-acting virus, that shut off her brain first and then decayed her body next. She could almost feel it back there, looming, waiting for the day they decided she was more trouble than she was worth.

Half of the 'recruits' never made it to where she was now. Some were driven insane from the sudden lack of power, some didn't learn to give up. She didn't envy the ones who got clean up duty. She didn't have the heart to fight any longer--in her early days, they had 'disciplined' her misbehaving...first with simple rifle butts and whips and whatever provided handy...but then there was the chip.

Just remembering the cold, seeping feeling of her body slowly dying drained her will to fight.

She hated herself more than she hated the people that had done these things to her. But she kept herself busy, soothed the ones who made it here, tried to give them a semblance of hope, kept them calm.

And for her docile nature, they treated her well enough. She despised them for it.

#670189072: Wanda Maximoff, Property of the state of New York, knelt next to a smaller female form, and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you alright?"
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