Candice Wilmer (misschimera) wrote in 12monthsfuture,
Candice Wilmer

Date: Late Summer 2023
Characters: Jamie Madrox, Candice Wilmer
Summary: What do you do the day before you die? You make sure you've settled affairs.
Status: Complete

Candice ached. Her leg had stopped bleeding, not that she'd felt it before. It was just easier to move now, a drunken haze of non-existence, of seeing Jimmy's face everywhere she turned.

Kansas hadn't changed any in the past weeks, yet she'd never been more different. From her vantage point, it seemed the same was true for April. The girl was actually laughing. She could still laugh.

She could still be happy.

Candice couldn't. Never again. Drawing away from the house, she hesitated a moment in the eerie fog. A bullet here and let Jamie know? A note for April to find? Or nothing? No sign that she'd survived, that Jimmy was dead?

No. No sign. She hadn't survived. She was just as dead.
Tags: candice wilmer, jamie madrox, possible future #1
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